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  • triple milled powders that give a sheer fine sunfilled glow
  • apply with a buffer or powder brush to the hi-points of the face where the sun naturally wouldn't hit
100 - a light pearl tan for fair olive tone
200 - works with most olive yellow based tones
300 - a medium matte tone
400 - a rich terracotta tone with flecks of gold
407 - works with most cool neutral tones, has a slight touch of pink
500 - a deep rich earthy tone for darker skins
901 - a tan-talizing combination that gives all skin types a believable bronze glow

P - Pearl  M - Matte

brazilian light P 100 brazilian light P exotic blend P ♥ 200 exotic blend P ♥ golden goddess M ♥ 300 golden goddess M ♥ terra cotta P 400 terra cotta P sunkissed P ♥ 407 sunkissed P ♥ instant sexy P ♥ 500 instant sexy P ♥ ballerina duo P 901 ballerina duo P
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