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Pinnacle Private Label Cosmetics specializes in high quality products, with an extensive colour selection. We pride ourselves in using only the very highest standards of pigments and ingredients.

You get exactly what you want, when you want it. 
Orders shipped within 7-10 business days of receipt.

All our products come individually black boxed.

Order our product as is or....

We brand each product with your logo, professionally printed

Our products are:
• Paraben Free*
• Made in Canada**
• Hypo-Allergenic
• Allergy Tested
• Non-Comedogenic
• Fragrance Free
• Not Tested on Animals

*Except Pencils and Liquid Crystal Adhesive
**Pencils and Mechanical Liners Made in Germany

We have 4 annual colour stories with new products being introduced; Spring, Summer, Fall and Holiday collections unlike any other.

Speak direct with a Brand Manager at 1.800.368.0371.
We will answer any questions and get you started in developing your cosmetic line.

We have a private showroom that you can visit and where you can pick out your cosmetics. You will have a brand manager assist you during the entire process of selecting the product best suited for you and your business. Call for an appointment.

Please check out tradeshow section to see when we are visiting your city.

We have entire catalogue with details of colour, product ingredients as well as indicators of our must have best sellers.

Dare to be different, create a line with your name on it.
I did.


Sent to Brand Manager Barbara . . .

"Thank you for spending 18 minutes on the phone with me to discuss my order, lol!  You always make me feel like my brand is important, whether it's a small or large order.  You give the same effort, attention and care no matter what!”

Customer from Cambria Heights, NY

Sent to Brand Manager Marko . . .

"We truly enjoyed ourselves in the showroom, and felt so welcomed by everyone.  Thank you to Marko also for the last minute accommodations.  You guys have always been so good to me.  Thank you again!!"

Customer from Troy, MI

Sent to Shipping Manager Carli . . .

"Thanks for your quick response CARLI! You have gone WAY above and beyond!! Customer Service is very important to me when working with suppliers, and you have proven that Pinnacle’s customer service is SUPERB!!"

Customer from Riverdale, GA

Sent to Pad Printing Specialist Tiffany . . .

Thank you again very much. I'm very honored to be a part of such a dedicated and hard-working company.... I am absolutely floored by how fast your service is, how prompt and courteous you all  are, and how quickly and efficiently you provide business. This is what made you stand out of the rest of the crowd. I can't wait to see this launch I'm so excited!

Customer from Perrysburg, OH

Sent to Trade Show Manager Luvena . . .

“I finally met LUVENA yesterday at the NYC IBS Beauty Show. What a doll! Luvena welcomed me and allowed the private space and time to review the Pinnacle line… She is so professional, balanced with her positive spirit and exceptional understanding of the Pinnacle line, makes for a winning combination. I strutted out of there feeling quite accomplished and of course, I am about to place my order, again."

Customer from Brooklyn, NY

Sent to Brand Manager Laura . . .

"Hi Laura...I just received proofs as well and they look beautiful! Please let everyone there know I am beyond pleased with the attentive and patient customer service I have been receiving. Everyone has been amazing and taking action quickly to assure everything is done and I will be able to receive my products by the date of my launch. I reached out in a pinch and have been beyond satisfied with the products. Even the catalogue package that you sent along with the thank you card shows that Pinnacle takes the time to assure they do things right and build strong relationships with their clients. I simply cannot thank everyone enough!"

Customer from Newport News, VA

frequently asked
are you the manufacturer?

Yes, we manufacture everything, except for the cosmetic pencils and brushes.

do you have minimums?

No we do not; you can order exactly what you need, including your first order.

do you have a colour catalog?

Our entire collection is available for viewing on our website.

this looks like “__”, is it?

No, we are the manufacturer. The containers may look similar but these are all original formulas and you will not find them anywhere else.

who do you sell to?

We sell to high end spas, salons and makeup artists. Many sell under their own brand and because of confidentiality we cannot give out their names. We do not sell to drug stores or to the public.

how do i pay?

Visa, Master Card, American Express. All first orders are cash or credit card.

how much do you charge for shipping?

For shipments to the United States and Canada: $15.00 plus $2.00 for each additional one hundred dollars of the order. For outside the US and Canada please call.

how long does it take to receive an order?

Please allow two weeks.

can you put my name on the product?

Yes, when you have a good idea of your sales volume, container printing is a great option. There are no minimums for pad printing. If you already have a logo, we require it to be in Jpeg format at a high-resolution. If you need help with a logo, we have a variety of fonts/styles from which you can choose.

Printing Start-up cost (OPTIONAL)
One time plate charge $160.00
Print charge: $25.00 set-up fee per order + $0.25 per container
Delivery: please allow 2-4 weeks for the first order – this allows us time to produce the artwork, receive customer approval and produce stock.
Payment: Full payment required prior to printing.

do i have to put my name on it?

No, many of our customers order just as is. The products come in stylish, professional boxes with ingredients listed. Putting your logo on the product is just one extra step to “brand it” with your company name.

do you have a sales representative to visit us?

No, we do not. We suggest you book an appointment to visit our showroom where our entire product line, including displays, can be viewed.
You can also see all of our products on our website.
We do 20 trade shows a year.
Check our website to see when we will be in your area.

i am too far away and i cannot visit your showroom, how can i place my order?

We do have customers fly in from all over the world to see the line. If this does not work for you, please call to discuss how to preview the line.

how do i see new colour collections?

We send all our current customers a colour catalogue four times a year - Spring, Summer, Fall and Holiday. These catalogues are also posted on our website.

do you have mineral make-up?

Yes, we have a full Mineral Makeup Line that you can view on our website.
We are always adding products so please make sure to check our latest catalogue as well. Call to request your Colour Mineral Catalogue.

are the displays available for sale?

Yes. We have no minimums, order exactly what you need. The displays fit together to create as small or as large a makeup center that you need.

how much would a start-up make up center cost me?

The price will vary depending on what products you would like to include in a start-up order, however we will work with you to ensure your budget requirements are met.

do you ship?

Yes, we ship worldwide.

how accurate are your product colours/swatches that can be seen on your web site?

Due to variances among colour monitors and different operating systems, the colours that appear on your screen, in our colour charts and other places throughout our site may not be the exact result that you are looking for. These colours are provided as a rough guide only. If you are unsure, we suggest ordering one of the products or contacting a brand manager for colour recommendations.

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